Here’s what our founder really wants you to know

A conversation with Hayche's Founder and Creative Director Alejandro Villarreal about crowdfunding, the new collection and other fun facts we think you’d like to know.

1. We are launching our first crowdfunding campaign 

It is in our creed: we explore new possibilities and methods to represent the perfect blend between tradition and innovation. “I believe it is very attractive because it is a tool that democratises investment using technology," said Alejandro Villarreal about launching Hayche's very first crowdfunding campaign with SEEDRS. Why do we want you to be part of our story? Aside from interesting investing opportunities, “A community that collaborates creates a more dynamic relationship with the brand”, he assured. 


2. The newest additions to our family! 

The widely popular WW collection has welcomed the WW Loveseat Bench, one of the favorites amongst the team, and several additions such as; our new Classic Stool (in 75cm & 45cm), Side Table and Desk. Oh, and let’s not forget three upcoming design collaborations with Faudet Harrison, Daniel Schofield and Pauline + Luis.  

 3. We have your back!  

This year has also brought great news to our pockets. Hayche has a more accessible range of products that explore the synergy between plywood and wood. We embarked on this new venture with one of the finest designers out there–Daniel Schofield and the Backer Chair. Our award-winning partner is confident the back of this chair will have you gravitating towards it. 


3. A thought on technology and tradition    

 There can be a misleading conversation that places technology and handmade pieces at opposite extremes, when in reality, as it was explored on 2016 Met’s Costume Institute Gala “Manus x Machina”, machine produced pieces can also be considered artisanal. “Today we must search for a balance between the industrial and handmade. The healthiest standpoint is somewhere in between”, said Alejandro. 

4. The wow-factor     

We want you to consider the tactile experience as a revelation. That at the mere touch of one our products you can really feel and notice that things are made right. 

5. The luxury of being offline      

The saturation in the digital world has brought us back to the physical world. Being in touch with materials, such as a piece of furniture, can awaken the senses. He is also inspired by walking down the streets in London, preferably the East side with its graffiti and unique pop-up shops. 

6. Sustainability 

Being green is all about creating lasting solutions for our planet. We reduce the impact on the environment with a durable product that stands the test of time. 

7. A Love Story 

Alejandro found his way to London due to a career choice made by his wife. She wanted to pursue her masters in Europe. Upon searching for a place where language was not a barrier, they closed their options to Spain, Netherlands and the UK. Does that mean we could have been a Danish brand? We’re not positive, but the city’s dynamic, culture and creativity, drew the couple to London where he also pursued a Masters Degree in Product Design at the Royal College of Art.


Words by Ana Gloria Valenzuela @agencybyag for Hayche