8 Interior Design Bloggers you should start following today

Whether you want to redecorate your favourite living area or simply have a beautiful feed to look at every morning, these Instagram accounts will satisfy even the most discerning design fanatic. 

The eye has to travel, reads part of the title of the book and documenary surrounding Diana Vreeland’s life. The former fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar and late Editor in Chief at Vogue famously acknowledged that the world had given her an education. She spoke about Paris being the center of everything in the early 1900s, she admired the Ballet Russe and remembered King George V Coronation in London. It’s very clear that all of these experiences nurtured her work in ever way and that they paved the way for a trailblazer in the fashion sphere.

Today, a scroll through a well-curated Instagram feed can come close to the task. Here are a few accounts that can take your eye on a visual journey through interior design around the world. Let the adventure begin!  


1. Cassandra LaValle 

Instagram: @Coco.Kelley 

Followers (to date): 63 K

Hayche product we think she’d love: WW Armchair – Walnut & Red

Website: cocokelley.com 

Cassandra LaValle is known for her West Coast aesthetics both at her design and lifestyle blog Coco + Kelley as well as at her interior design, event and brand collaboration company, The Emerald Studio. Her feed will take you from LA to Seattle, from the UK to France in a matter of seconds all the while looking at hints of colour and prints. 

 Image credit: @Coco.Kelley  


2. Kate Watson-Smyth

Instagram: @Mad_About_The_House  

Followers (to date): 163 K

Hayche product we think she’d love: WW Loveseat Bench – Oak & Black 

Website: madaboutthehouse.com  

Kate may be mad about the house, but we’re mad about her award-winning blog –and apparently 163k of you are too. Her Instagram feed showcases her every decor update, either at her own home or her clients’. She writes posts in a very “Dear, dairy” way, making a personal connection with her followers. The British interior designer has millions of tips to share on social media, her podcast The Great Indoors and, of course, her books; Mad about the house (How to decorate your home with style) and Shades of Grey, Decorating with the most elegant of neutrals which is out in February. Also, who wouldn’t want to follow someone with collaborations with Anthropology? Case closed. 

Image credit: @Mad_About_The_House   


3. Dabito 

Instagram: @Dabito

Followers (to date): 158K

Hayche product we think he’d love: Loom Chair – Oak & Green  

Website: OldBrandNew.com

His profile has him pinned as a designer featured in Better Homes & Gardens’ June 2017 print issue and a photographer for the New York Times best selling, The New Bohemians. Impressive from the get-go. But he is also a passionate vintage hunter and the mind behind the creative studio Old Brand New. Dabito’s posts will bring to your feed a mix of modern and antique pieces as well as throw a few DIY projects your way. There’s no doubt that you’ll get inspired on how to use interesting furtniture with geometric shapes and how to mix and match folk textiles. 

Image credit: @Dabito 


4. Sarah Van Peteghem 

Instagram: @Sarah_cocolapine 

Followers (to date): 80.2K 

Hayche product we think she’d love: Pie Half Circle Table – White 

Website: Cocolapine.com 

If you love white, black and gray all over, this is the page for you. The interior design blogger and portrait artist hails from Belgium and Berlin and has landed on Instagram with a very sophisticated aesthetic. We also love that she’s active on Twitter, even though it is very early 2000s, when visuals fail, 280 characters will set the tone for a perfectly decorated room. 

Image credit: @Sarah_cocolapine 


5. Erin Hiemstra 

Instagram: @apartment_34  

Followers (to date): 70.4k

Hayche product we think she’d love: Norse Chair – Oak & Cream Leather 

Website: apartment34.com 

Dubbed Apartment 34 in honor of her address ten years ago. Throughout her posts, you’ll notice a love for well-distributed, modern living spaces and a soothing colour palette. But also, her ability to make small rooms seem bigger. 

Image credit: @apartment_34  


6. Holly Becker  

Instagram: @decor8

Followers (to date): 110k

Hayche product we think she’d love: WW Armchair – CS1

Website: decor8blog.com  

In Holly Becker’s Decor8, you’ll discover a very hands-on and informative blog. She will introduce you to trends and panels surrounding this world proving she has an opininon about it. 

She’s a good person to have on your Instagram rolodex (apologies for those born after ‘92, you may not understand this reference), since she’s launching a magazine in a few days. Check her profile for more information.

Image credit: @decor8 


7. Emily Henderson 

Instagram: @em_henderson 

Followers (to date): 764k

Hayche product we think she’d love: Norse Bench – Oack & Cream Leather 

Website: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

With a whopping 764k following, Em, may be as powerful as the World Record Egg within the interior design community. She’s a stylist, New York Times Best-selling author (STYLED), a TV personality, blogger and founder of the firm Emily Henderson Design. You’ll find inspiration from all over the worldwide web as well as tips for the home.  

 Image credit: @em_henderson

8. Kristin Jackson

Instagram: @hunted_interior  

Followers (to date): 102K

Hayche product we think she’d love: WW Bar Stool – CS6 – 75cm 

Website: huntedinterior.com 

The first thing that comes to mind when scrolling through her feed is comfort. She’s all about traditional moulding, rugs and an ocasional leopard print. She’ll find pieces for every price point and will find the ideal way to integrate old and new, high and low. She has been chosen by Better Homes & Gardens as well as Domino Magazine as one of the top decor blogs to follow, and now Hayche has done the same. 

Image credit: @hunted_interior  


Don’t leave without letting us know who else is on your list! 


Words by Ana Gloria Valenzuela @agencybyag for Hayche