Our latest design crush - Daniel Schofield

There’s a new chair in town! The Backer Chair is everything you’d expect from the collaboration by Hayche and award-winning British designer, Daniel Schofield. We have a knack for spotting emerging talent and the young artist is one of those creative minds that once you notice, you can’t grow apart from.

The self-proclaimed furniture geek has been in the company’s radar since his uni graduation show, so an artistic partnership with the Warwickshire-native was a no-brainer. It resulted in the launch of a product at a more accessible price point with the same comfort and wit as the rest of our pieces. The chair’s back may be the main attraction, but we want you to know him a little better and understand why he has a seat secured at our table (pun intended).  

1. The never-ending key dilemma  

A quick skim through Daniel’s website and you’ll find that there’s something else to an apparently simplistic approach to everyday objects. “No detail should exist without reason”, reads the About section of his site as if it were the fifth Kantian maxim. “I kept leaving my house, shutting the door behind and immediately thinking ‘I forgot my keys’”, said the designer with a big laugh. “So the Pocket Mirror was an easy solution”. All of us, absent-minded souls, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Pocket Mirror Daniel SchofieldThe Pocket Mirror by Daniel Schofield


2. The places that inspire him 

We know cafés are a popular destination for designers to draw their next big thing, but Daniel takes the less traveled road (and also the bumpiest, we might add). He benefits from his bus commute to and from his studio to do the task: “This is where I get most of my ideas”, he assured us. 

Daniel Schofield

3. His most prized possession 

We all know that space is a big issue at London apartments, so it is difficult for Daniel to stock up on objects that take up the entire flat. That said, he ignores his own rule when it comes to a vintage Emeco chair he found at a second-hand store. 

4. His favourite app 

As part of his daily routine, he is constantly listening to music on his way to work. So, Shazam, the app that recognises music through its listening feature, is a must on his mobile.

5. His offline life 

It is an understatement to say that being offline is the real luxury. So we love finding out what our friends and family like to do when unplugged. For Daniel, a stroll through galleries is the way to go. “It brings me so much joy”, he added. 

Visit Daniel Schofield's website and discover his work. The Backer Chair available in two finishes - oak, and stained black is part of our newest collections. You can also learn more about the design from our behind the scenes article.


Words by Ana Gloria Valenzuela @agencybyag for Hayche