Karine Laval - A bridge between two worlds.

At Hayche we believe that creative expression is key for creating meaningful work -
A new product, an architectural building or in this case Art, the freedom behind everything we create, generates a special value that ultimately inspires others.

When we first opened our showroom in Clerkenwell last fall, we knew we wanted to share this space with other creative talent, sharing a similar creative understanding. We had a couple of bare walls, that desperately needed an injection of colour to bring out our furniture collections - that's when we were introduced to Karine Laval's photography work, falling in love with her dreamlike perceptions of nature. 

Untitled #46 from the series ‘Heterotopia’ by Karine Laval

At the showroom: 

Work from her on-going series ‘Heterotopia’ can be seen at our showroom at 30D Great Sutton Steet in Clerkenwell. These pieces have been selected by our team as it reflects the colour, depth and creative reflection of our creative brand, enhancing our workspace. In these images, "Laval’s evolving exploration of distorted realities and altered perceptions result in seductive manipulations of light and colour, created by combining analogue techniques and digital technologies." - Crane Kalman Brighton


About Karine

Karine Laval is a Brooklyn-based artist born in Paris (France). She graduated from the University of La Sorbonne in Paris, where she majored in communications and journalism. 
Karine Laval's artistic practice encompasses photography, video and installation/projection. Her still and moving images often challenge the familiar perception we have of the world, and can be seen as a bridge between the world we live in and a more surreal and dreamlike dimension. Laval’s distinctive use and deliberate manipulation of color, as well as the introduction of chance in some instances, contribute to further question the relationship between representation and reality, with some of her recent works moving towards abstraction and the dissolution of the image.

Untitled #01 from the series ‘Heterotopia’ by Karine Laval
Untitled #10 from the series ‘Heterotopia’ by Karine Laval


See Karine Laval's full bio here
See Laval's work in Photo London 2019 this May 2019.
Laval's work is available at Crane Kalman Brighton or her Studio