Welcome to The Dark Side - Black Furniture Accents

Interior design is having an obscure moment, but it’s not exactly what you think. We’re steering towards adding black accents to that hospitality project or simply around your home for a plush and rich interior.

We’ve welcomed 2019 with an urge to revamp the home front. The Black Matte trend is well and alive this year, as it has proven once and again that it is as fascinating as those all-white rooms and pastel-packed interiors dominating Instagram and Pinterest. This hue can make a statement in almost every room you own. At Hayche, we have the perfect bespoke furniture piece to go with it; here’s how to make a compelling argument. 


Grand Entrance 

From furniture to walls, it’s clear that black will be seen throughout interior design ventures. Take advantage of the cutting edge character of this color and make a strong statement at the entrance of your home or apartment.  Depending on your space, you may choose between one of our black Pie Chart pieces for a modern feel. Adorn with plants, flowers or vases for a final touch.


The Modern Kitchen 

As New York interior designer Carolyn Presslyn assured Elle Décor in a recent interview: “Matte black will continue to be a predominant finish for kitchen fixture, hardware accents and even millwork profile details”. Then she went on to say, “Black feels fresh as a crisp accent color in light-colored kitchens and black finishes are a way to add some drama without fully darkening your kitchen”. 

From our newest pieces, the Kensington Bar Stool designed by award winning British design duo Faudet-Harrison may be the most demure option, but never dull. The handcrafted curved back and height, 75 cm tall, gives it a sophisticated, yet casual approach to the space. If you wish to create a cosier, more refined ambiance, we bet on the WW Bar Stool. Its oak seat and contrasting black legs will give you just what you’re looking for. If you’d like to be on trend, but are adamant about a pop of color, the turquoise legs of the WW Color Series designed by Alejandro Villarreal + Studio Makgill will give you the contrast you need.


Time for dinner 

There’s no argument about the luxurious ambiance created by black. The dining area could be another place where you could take advantage of this trend. This hue acts like a neutral and warms up the space, letting every other element stand out. This is the reason many contrast it with metallics or graphic accents.

While you may want to play a black on black, we also suggest a dark toned chair for white marble tops, maple to lighter toned wood. Check our WW Armchair with leather in all black or the iconic WW Chair to create the sophisticated dining room you wish to say bon appetit in!

Before you go-go

Sometimes furniture can act a work of art. The Loom Chair designed by Alejandro Villarreal is a great example of this philosophy. Even though it was created for its full enjoyment, it can also work as a display next to your table at the entrance or even at your closet. A beautiful throw may be a nice addition, but its laborious artisanal design inspired by ancient folk art of Mexican weaving can make a long impression on its own. 

Words by Ana Gloria Valenzuela @agencybyag for Hayche
Image inspiration - Pinterest/Instagram/Elle Decoration UK/Elle Decor France/DesignScene Magazine