In Conversation with Matthew Carlisle

Carlisle Design Studio is an internationally acclaimed and Award Winning design practice, offering Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Design Management and Procurement services. Based in London’s Belgravia, our studio employs a breadth of expertise with Architects, Interior Designers, Lighting and Product Designers from ten nationalities, reflecting our ability to offer our design services on a truly international stage. We are united by our core values of ‘integrity’, ‘trust’ and ‘transparency’ and it is these values that we bring to every aspect of every commission we undertake. Working across all business sectors, as a collective we offer a holistic turnkey service, marrying creative ingenuity with rigorous management our aim is to exceed all our clients aspirations be it a private residence, development, for Hospitality or as an investment.

What inspired you to be an interior designer?

I always wanted to be a designer of some sort, but the main inspiration that pushed me to finally choose interior design was actually working with my Godfather. He was an architect and property developer focussing on historic buildings and I used to work with him in my school summer holidays, being around him when he was drawing his designs by hand, creating and discussing appropriate design ideas and visiting various auctions and antique fairs with him to find furniture was very exciting to me and I was immediatly hooked. 


If they were to make a toy action figure of you, what would your accessory be?

Like all designers probably a sketch book and a pen. Now I use a digital sketch pad which I take all over the world with me which I truly can’t live without.

To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life within the design world has taken?

Dedicating every waking moment to my working life since I left university, gaining experience from as many sources as possible and taking the decision to start my business at a very specific time in my life has allowed me to always feel I have stayed in control of my destiny.

What would be your dream interior project?

I have been fortunate enough to tick that box many times in my career, however I have always dreamt of being given the opportunity to custom design the interiors of a classic British car.

What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

It would probably be that I truly believe that interior design is subjective for each client and therefore our approach is always to form a collaboration of ideas with them that reflect their personality. This combined with each project’s history, its geography and the architectural vernacular always ensures the greatest success and happiest clients.

If you could go back in time and speak to your adolescent self, what advice would you give them about the design world?

There are no short cuts, 100% dedication, lots of hard work and genuine passion is the only true path to a successful and enjoyable career as a designer.

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