In Conversation with David Hance, Founder of Crosswater

Crosswater offers a comprehensive range of unique bathroom solutions created by a pool of carefully selected leading European designers delivering unparalleled design, superior materials and function. Our ranges can be found in the finest designer hotels across Europe, residential housing and commercial applications. For all types of projects, we have the largest technical support departments in the industry with a fully trained in-house customer service team. The business is quick to react to customer demand and proactive in creating brand new markets.

What does your company do differently to most of your competitors?
While many of our competitors are only interested in the bottom line, we pay attention to customer care and service. We understand the importance of flexible, reliable and affordable solutions and make it our priority to meet demands beyond your expectations – this is what sets us apart from the rest.

We provide exclusive, compliant bathroom products at competitive prices, as well as offering next day delivery to our customers. It’s about going the extra mile, to ensure the customer’s experience is a happy one from start to finish.

What would be the company’s dream interior project?
Crosswater’s dream interior project would be to provide a total solution of products to a major hotel or house-building brand. Something quite exciting, large scale and luxurious!

What inspired you to become involved in the industry?
After a successful career in the Metropolitan Police, I did a total change of career and I was going to go into the bathroom industry. I set up a small distribution business in London and sold taps to the industry from the trunk of my car. I led the market change of new, innovative, high-end designs of brassware.

I wanted to be different and offer product that had not been seen before in the UK.

What’s been your proudest achievement within the company to date?
I have to say, it’s probably been the opportunity to provide employment to the local area and maintaining a fantastic level of staff satisfaction and happiness.

If you could go back in time and speak to your adolescent self, what advice would you give them about the design world?
Listen to your customers and react accordingly – some of my best ideas have started this way.