In Conversation with João Botelho from Casa Botelho

Casa Botelho is a London-based design company that is known for its glamorous interpretation of luxurious materials and unique finishes. The brands signature style is sophistication opulence with attention to the finer details, and design that makes your heart beat faster. 

The design firm offers an utterly unique, exciting and dramatic style. Its designs have filled a gap in the industry with a form that is both strong and personal, magical and moving. Slightly eclectic but delightfully romantic, Casa Botelho designs are glamorous, sumptuous and seductive, and will inject drama and personality into any interior. Combining form, function and clever design, the Casa Botelho range reflects the way we live today - perhaps in smaller spaces with a need for versatile pieces that bring joy and inspiration to our daily lives.

In this interview we spoke with João Botelho, Founder and Creative Director of Casa Botelho.

Hayche: What inspired you to be an interior designer?

JB: My obsession with bespoke furniture, homeware and passion for styling was never a secret. However, it wasn’t until I successfully completed the redesign of my four-storey townhouse in East London that I realised I was deeply in love with the world of interior and furniture design.

During the renovation, in collaboration with Waind Gohil Architects, I designed my own furnishings, doors and windows, customized the kitchen, TV console, vanity unit and walk-in wardrobe, as well as the concrete floating shelves and elaborate sink. I built strong relationships with designers, home stores, contractors and architects which now means my clients enjoy a smooth journey in the design of their interiors and creating of bespoke furniture.

Hayche: If they were to make a toy action figure of you, what would your accessory be?

JB: A pair of sunglasses!

Hayche: To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life within the design world has taken?

To me there are no rules in world of design and everything is possible at a cost. All you need is to be confidently-creative and open minded, have attention to detail and a good eye for layering items, and play around with scale, space, light, materials and colours.


Hayche: What would be your dream interior project?

JB: To design a boutique hotel

Hayche: What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

JB: Casa Botelho has a unique signature style described as, ‘Masculine Glamour’. Effortlessly blending moody tones, rich textures and symmetrical design, ‘Masculine Glamour’ evokes a sense of sumptuousness and sensuality; it demands attention and makes the heart beat faster. This industrial chic style is inspired by a love of architectural detailing and Art Deco design, encompassing the key elements of symmetry and structure while adding its own splendor and opulence.
Try it … if you dare.

Hayche: If you could go back in time and speak to your adolescent self, what advice would you give them about the design world?

JB: I learned no detail is too small. It is all about the smallest of details, so if you are embarking on a design career embrace ‘details’ and place on the top of your list.


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