At Hayche we believe that environmental responsibility is not just a moral responsibility, but also an opportunity for responsible business growth. As our company grows so does our impact on the environment, and therefore our responsibility. We understand 4 core areas for environmental action within our company:

  1. We strongly believe that one of the main ways to tackle sustainability and over-consumption, is by offering products with long lasting aesthetic and quality. We take good care in every step of the way and have a quality guarantee for all our products

  2. We use sustainable materials in all our products and packaging, to the best of possibilities. We keep control over the sourcing of materials. Our European suppliers are FSC certified, complying with relevant standards/guidelines and keeping up with our expectations. We frequently visit our suppliers to uphold our standards and closely monitor our environmental impact and exercise a minimal waste of materials

  3. We believe that design can be a powerful tool to raise awareness of the current conditions of our environment

  4. We aim to counter balance in the near future our carbon footprint by supporting the regeneration of forests and rainforests around the world