Modern Contract Dining Chairs & Armchairs

Hotels, restaurants, and offices all require high-quality seating for customers and workers. Great seating not only offers functionality but can be a great way to improve the appearance of your space.

Hotels need chairs for all kinds of reasons. Guests want chairs while they wait in your lobby or dine in your dining room at breakfast and dinner. They also need chairs in their suites and for sitting at the bar. Having the right seating can make a tremendous difference to guests’ experience, making them more comfortable and encouraging them to use your facilities for longer.

An essential part of the restaurant experience is sitting in comfort. Restaurants need chairs that provide the ideal amount of support, encouraging diners to stay for after dinner drinks and desserts. But restaurants also need chairs and stools that fit in with their aesthetics. At Hayche, that’s what we provide. Thanks to our extensive collection of chairs, restaurants can find the seating solution which complements their theme perfectly.

Offices need chairs that offer both practicality and style. Modern offices require space for both colleagues work in teams as well as places to entertain clients. Our collection of stylish, contemporary and classic seating provides you with all the options you need to create the ideal space.

You can browse our collection by bestsellers, colour and type, whether you need an armchair, bar stool, dining chair or plain old stool. Remember, we keep a limited quantity of some chairs available for immediate dispatch from our London warehouse.