Ptolemy Mann Rugs - London

We love creative collaborations and we are always looking to work with other similar brands for their photoshoots. Ptolemy Mann updated her lookbook for her rug company and invited us to be part of it, with our WW Chair and Loom Chair. Photographed by Ruth Ward, the colourful photographs showcase Ptolemy's incredible woven work.

Project: Ptolemy Mann Lookbook Photoshoot
Year: 2016
Range: WW and Loom
Product: WW Chair by Alejandro Villarreal, Loom Chair by Alejandro Villarreal + Ptolemy Mann
Finish: WW Chair in Oak / Black , Loom Chair in Oak / Dark Blue

Ptolemy Mann, Ruth Ward Photoshoot

Loom Chair Ptolemy Mann


WW Chair

Loom Chair Ptolemy Mann