Cabinet Maker - July 2018

Paul our MD has taken part in an interview with Cabinet Maker Magazine, where he gives a background on our recent rebrand and stories behind our new products.

"How many people make up the Hayche team? What is the key focus at this time?
It’s a small team – just six of us! As we grow, we’ll add junior assistants to help cope with the workload. With being a start-up, there’s an amazing energy and atmosphere that I really like. Nobody looks at the clock to see if it’s time to go home. The team will grow but for now the main focus is stock. The big question we’re asked is ‘when can I have it?’ People don’t want to wait six or 10 weeks for something. We’ve got the product range, the foundation and the systems to get orders there on time. We just need to have the stock available to deliver to the customer."
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Cabinet Maker - - Paul Tanner MD