PaulinePlusLuis is a design studio based in Brussels, created by Pauline Capdo and Luis Bellenger in 2015. They both studied product design in Saint-Luc Tournai and Industrial design at La Cambre in Brussels, after Luis did cabinet making studies. Their eclectic background, artisanal, artistic and then industrial, built their design approach that combines experiment, craft and industry. Their work is based on the observation of objects, phenomena, moments, that they interpret and transform.

They are inspired by the shapes already belonging to our environment, that they put together and transcribe to their objects. Through this approach, their products give a sense of déjà vu, refer to stories and moments, and can bring a poetic dimension to industrial production.

PaulinePlusLuis created the DUNE Collection for Hayche. Our first outdoor family based upon our customers increasing desire for outdoor furniture. Based on the repeated shape of the arch, the Dune chair reflects upon the the classic bistro chair, bringing a graphical presence around the dining table. The chair can be used inside or outside.

Collection - DUNE