Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 was three days of unadulterated design throughout London’s EC1 district at the end of May: exhibitions; installations; pop-up museums; crypts and churches playing host to designers with architects collaborating and connecting on every street corner. Celebrating its 8th year, Clerkenwell Design Week has clustered hubs of design across its 2.5sq miles, in an area that houses thousands of architects, reputedly the greatest concentration of architects on the planet. HAYCHE too was participating at the newest destination, Design Fields, near Exmouth Market.


Photo courtesy of Clerkenwell Design Week / Media Ten Ltd.

In addition to showcasing The Wheel by Vladimir Kagan, HAYCHE latest selection was presented in a new super sleek black finish – demonstrating black is most definitely back.

The collections resonate restrained, refined and well-proportioned furniture, it is a company that designs furniture to last forever. Their understated approach belies the great skill and craftsmanship that is at the core of every collection designed and each piece made.

Photo courtesy of Clerkenwell Design Week / Media Ten Ltd.

Set against the stark white tent backdrop, the contrast of the collection made an impact especially with its exemplary WW Chair, a new take on a classic Windsor. Designed by multi-disciplinary design studio Hierve, the WW Chair has powder-coated wire rods that fan out to create a sculptural back, these are set into a solid oak or walnut seat – the end result is a streamlined chair that would be equally at home in restaurants and dining rooms alike.

Alongside the WW Chair was the Corner sideboard, a simple credenza with hand-carved detailing. The perfect geometry of the Corner sideboard with its accented corner cut-out was a subtle feature with a big effect. By contrast the Pie-Chart System side table/storage offered another take on HAYCHE's interest in geometric shapes: up to five different sections give the user free reign to get get creative; a playful modular system that masters functionality. Other designs including the Leather Chair and Belt Series showed off the use of materials and attention to detail. This well curated space allowed visitors to the stand an opportunity to explore and experience the designs first hand.

Words by Industry Publicity