In Conversation with Articolo Founder & Creative Director, Nicci Green

Articolo is a design studio that celebrates the art of light through a commitment to artisanal craft and quality production. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the studio reflects creative director Nicci Green’s passion for the textural spirit of light; producing works that are internationally regarded for a contemporary yet enduring aesthetic.

Nicci is one of Melbourne’s leading lighting designers with an ambitious, fearless ‘can-do’ attitude - a reminder of what can be achieved, in a relatively short time. Following an incredible two years of local and international growth – including the opening of their first New York Showroom, debut at Euroluce Milan Design Week and three consecutive appearances at ICFF in New York- Articolo has been working feverishly to share its product with the world. Of course, the local market hasn’t been neglected either with the product specified for many leading residential and commercial projects.

Articolo's ever-expanding collection of lighting is exclusively made to order, involving mouth blown glass and handcrafted solid metal components. Nicci is passionate about working with only the bests artisans and craftspeople, many of whom are located in Melbourne. Articolo’s commitment to artisanal craft and quality production is the guiding vision which is helping cement their position on the global stage.

Nicci Green - Articolo Founder & Creative Director - Hayche Contract Furniture LondonWhat inspired you to be a lighting designer?
I’ve always been entrepreneurial and loved creating. However, I didn’t intentionally set out to be a lighting designer. I fell into it due to a love of design, glass and interiors. My inspiration is my passion – initially food styling, and later interior design and product design. My love for design is both contemporary and timeless – informing the direction of Articolo. I sought to design lighting that was easy to live with: both decorative and functional. Each piece must provide soul through shadow play, with a unique handwriting and sensibility that sets Articolo apart.

Nicci Green - Articolo Founder & Creative Director - Hayche Contract Furniture LondonTo what degree have you actually controlled the course your life within the design world has taken?
I’ve found it is imperative to always work with trusted, likeminded and talented people, collaboration is the key to running a successful business. As I don’t come from a lighting background, I’ve found that I’m not restricted by a traditional approach and therefore have a direct point of difference within the industry. For me lighting is an innate process, informed by the way I see the world and my vast life experiences.

Nicci Green - Articolo Founder & Creative Director - Hayche Contract Furniture LondonWhat would be your dream interior project?
At Articolo, we love embracing new challenges, so a long-term goal is to collaborate with an architect on a boutique hotel or resort imbued with the Articolo aesthetic and sensibility. It will be an entirely sensory experience where guests are cocooned from the rest of the world. A dream I’d love to see come true, one day.

Nicci Green - Articolo Founder & Creative Director - Hayche Contract Furniture LondonWhat’s something you know you do differently than most people?
Lighting is essential in creating mood and ambience. I strive to design inspiring lighting that will maintain relevance and continue to bring soul to a space well into the future. Mouthblown glass feels like a living form, with the slight differences between each piece adding a sophisticated artisanal quality. I love the artisanal nature and nuances of mouth-blown glass and solid metals. It’s important that each design reflects the many hands that have produced it, celebrating the craftsmen and woman whose skill and talent I deeply respect. It’s the human element that in many ways we’re losing through mass production, but I strongly believe there’s no substitute for the handmade.

Nicci Green - Articolo Founder & Creative Director - Hayche Contract Furniture LondonIf you could go back in time and speak to your adolescent self, what advice would you give them about the design world?
I would encourage my adolescent self to never put a limit on your dreams. Continue to learn and study how various artisans go about their craft and make time to cultivate your own design voice. With or without training and qualifications, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

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