2LG - Pushing the Design Boundaries

What can we say about Russell, Jordan and of course Buckley (their adorable  Dachshund) we simply love them! and are grateful they are here to make our design world more exciting. Their boldness, creativity and kind-hearted approach to design, keeps all of us waiting for their next big move.

We invited 2LG to answer a few questions - so that we can share a little bit more about what inspires them as designers, makers and writers (yes...they even have time to write for their very own page in the Metro 'The House Doctors').

2LG - 2 lovely gays designPhoto courtesy of 2LG: Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe  

Hayche: What inspired you to be interior designers?

2LG: Our joint passion for design led us into Interior design as we love the variety of challenges it creates. 

Hayche: If they were to make a toy action figure of you, what would your accessory be?

2LG: A camera, a pencil, and a dog poo bag (always have one in our pockets for our Dachshund, Buckley)

Hayche: To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life within the design world has taken?

2LG: Great question. We are big believers in making your own fate, so we put a lot of energay into making our own projects and creating our own content to promote our design work. To a certain extent a design career is shaped by the opportunities presented to you and this is true of us too. But it is the choosing that helps to shape the path you take and what you do with those opportunities. We love to push the boundaries with each opportunity that comes our way. If it isn't a bit scary we aren't doing it right. 

2LG Interior DesignPhoto courtesy of 2LG - Buckley the Dachshund on the Tilda Sofa, 2LG's Love your Home furniture collection .


Hayche: What would be your dream interior project?

2LG: We don't tend to take on projects unless we fall in love with them so they have all been a dream at one time or another. A restaurant or bar is high on our list at the moment though. Or perhaps a hotel. That would be amazing to work on. Sending it out to the universe. Hopefully that will happen one day. 

Hayche: What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

2LG: We are a duo. We approach design like play. We love people. Placing design in a domestic setting. Building a bridge between design and interiors. Breaking down pedestals. Perhaps our approach to using colour sets us apart too. 

2LG Interior Design

Photo courtesy of 2LG: Residential project, Tanner Street Warehouse

Hayche: If you could go back in time and speak to your adolescent self, what advice would you give them about the design world?

2LG: When we were adolescents design was not on our minds. Haha! Its a hard one... We started out in design in our 30's so perhaps we could advise ourselves to start younger, but then we wouldn't have been on this journey. Coming at it later in life helped us to be brave, so we wouldn't change a thing. 

Check out 2LG projects, and recent product launches online.

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